It’s the era of conscious beauty

Awareness, transparency and respect for the environment. These are the themes that will open the first day of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna where the international convention coordinated by the National Association of Cosmetic Companies will be held as usual (Friday 15th March, 10 am -1 pm | Sala Italia, Palazzo Congressi).

The time of an informed beauty. Consumption, rules and companies towards the circular economy is the title of the event, which will see the participation of experts from the sector, along with stakeholders and members of the press. The speakers involved in the event and the content that is scheduled to be explored bear testament to the growing need across all sectors to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

“It is essential for companies to be able to communicate their values to consumers, in addition to the characteristics of their products, and the choices they make with regard to key issues such as sustainability” explains the president of Cosmetica Italia, Renato Ancorotti. “Social media and the internet provide us with easily accessible information, giving us the impression that we have all the elements we need to judge and choose. However, it is crucial that we check the reliability of these sources. The collaboration between industry and institutions is a key tool in combating fake news and beating a path for the popularisation of scientific facts.” 

In the cosmetics sector, segmenting consumers according to their skin type or age used to be standard practice, and this approach was both easy and immediate. These days, however, we work according to areas of need, characterised by a common approach which addresses consumers that are increasingly aware of and interested in particular issues, ranging from the performance of the product and the ingredients used to the environmental impact of the product as a whole” comments Mercedes Procopio, chairperson of the Cosmetica Italia Technical Committee. “Increasingly, the needs of the consumer precede regulation: companies are faced with situations for which legal provisions have not yet been made, and these situations must be managed in a shorter time-frame than that envisaged by normal regulatory procedures.

Following the opening address by Cosmetica Italia president Renato Ancorotti and BolognaFiere president Gianpiero Calzolari, the moderator of the event, journalist Marialuisa Pezzali, will introduce the numerous speeches. Scientific popularizer Beatrice Mautino will open the convention, illustrating the various tools that are necessary in order to communicate the scientific value of cosmetics.

The first part of the convention will then welcome Gerald Renner to the stage; as Director Technical Regulatory and International Affairs for Cosmetics Europe, he will explore some of the regulatory issues that the European cosmetics industry is facing. Following this, the first round table discussion will involve Marcella Marletta (Director General of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Services – Italian Ministry of Health), Mercedes Procopio (Cosmetica Italia), Gerald Renner (Cosmetics Europe) and Sergio Veroli (president of Consumer’s Forum).

During the second part of the conference, Cristiana Gaburri, Technical and Scientific Affairs Director -Federchimica, will explain the meaning of the term “circular economy”, and the impact this will have on the future on the entire industry sector. A second round table will close the convention, and will focus on discussions between Gianfranco Fabi (journalist-columnist), Nicoletta Fascetti Leon (Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea – Sogesid), Cristiana Gaburri (Federchimica) and Matteo Locatelli (vice-president of Cosmetica Italia and in charge of sustainability for the association).