Bologna, 16th March 2018 – As per tradition, on the opening day of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Cosmetica Italia will hold the International Convention in Sala Italia at the Congress Palace on Friday, 16th March (9.30 am-1 pm).

Natural and organic cosmetics: science, communication and consumers is the title of the session that will see participation by industry experts, stakeholders and the press. The convention delves deeper into the subject of natural cosmetics, a trend that is constantly rising, to examine scientific aspects and consumer perception.

“In our society, which is increasingly technological and digitalised, consumers are often attracted by life styles that rediscover ancient traditions and natural products. This tendency has been on the rise in the cosmetic industry as well, where it is reflected in continuous growth in consumer appreciation for natural products,” commented Fabio Rossello, President of Cosmetica Italia. “For cosmetic companies, it is essential that the criteria for identifying a natural product be clear and transparent, but it is just as important that these be combined synergetically with the principles of sustainability, which have been adopted by the cosmetic industry for some time now and can be considered one of the distinctive traits of our industry.”

The event will commence with welcome speeches by the President of Cosmetica Italia, the President of BolognaFiere, Gianpiero Calzolari, and the General Manager of Medical Devices and of the Pharmaceutical Service of the Ministry of Health, Marcella Marletta. Afterwards, Gian Andrea Positano, Head of the Cosmetica Italia Statistics Department, will give an introductory speech to illustrate the numbers and the evolution of the market for natural and organic cosmetics.

The first part of the convention will feature Carmen Esteban, the coordinator of the ISO working group that established the international standard and identified definitions and criteria for natural and organic ingredients in cosmetics. She will reveal characteristics and potential applications. This speech will be followed by the first round table discussion, where the subject of natural cosmetics will be looked at closer from a scientific and regulation standpoint. Participants in the discussion will include Valerio Bombardelli (Indena Legal Services), Mercedes Procopio (President of Cosmetica Italia Technical Committee), Rita Aquino (Dean, Pharmacy Department at the University of Salerno) and Armando Romaniello (Director of Marketing, Industry Management and Product Certification for Certiquality).

During the second part of the convention, Manuela Coroama, Senior Manager Technical Regulatory Affairs for Cosmetics Europe, will take in exam the tie between natural cosmetics and sustainability, with an eye to consumer perception of this tie and how industry activity supports it. In closing, there will be a second round table discussion on this topic. Participants will include Fabio Rossello (President of Cosmetica Italia), Viviana Poletti (Director Issue & Reputation Management for Hill+Knowlton Strategies), Vincenzo Guggino (Secretary-General for the Isituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria) and Antonio Longo (EESC, European Economic and Social Committee).