Italian cosmetics market worth 9,400 million Euros. Exports is booming at +4.9%

The data from the Statistics Dept. of Cosmetica Italia record consumption in 2014 that neared 9,400 million euros, with a 1.4% decrease in the margin: purchasing decreased in value, but certainly not in volume.

Once again, it was export (+4.9% reaching almost 3,335 million euros) that supported production, growing by 0.8% over last year for a turnover of €9,355 million; this was an affirmation of the high level of innovation of the formulas and service of the producer companies that the Italian offering is identified with.

As proof of the significant change underway in consumer purchasing habits, the direct sales (door-to-door and by mail) showed above average growth (+2.8% for a value near 540 million euros), continuing the positive trend of the last few years.

Positive signs also for herbalist stores, whose sales grew by 2.4% (a value which almost reached €420 million), and for pharmacies (+1.1% reaching 1,776 million euros): the latter represents 18.9% of the total national market.

The restructuring of the channel and the transformation of the modes of selective distribution determined the drop in consumption at perfume shops (-2.5%) totalling 2,059 million euros. In 2014 the professional channels continued to shrink: while the beauty salons experienced a 3.6% drop (over €230 million), the hairdressing salons dropped by 3.5% (570 million euros).

Sales on the mass market, which represent over 40% of consumption in the industry, remain substantially stable, with a value that in 2014 almost reached 3,800 million euros; it should be noted that alongside the downward trend of the large stores came the growth and dynamism of single-brand stores and SSS Drug (Self Service Specialist Drug).

«The data by channel and product – comments Fabio Rossello, president of Cosmetica Italia – once again affirmed the widespread growth in an industry characterised by outstanding production and sales, confirming the importance of a sector that represents Italian-made products. The solidity of the supply chain expresses its entrepreneurial capacity and values, elements that maintain competitive edge in Italy and abroad».