“Bellezza senza trucco”: the international conference of Cosmetica Italia dedicated to proper communication and cosmetics claims

The international conference brought forward by the Technical and Scientific Area of Cosmetica Italia makes its first-ever debut with the name Bellezza senza trucco, scheduled for Friday 4 April (10 AM-4 PM) at the Palazzo dei Congressi (Sala Italia).

This year the event, which present itself as a traditional evolution of the technical conference, will have an international breadth and will welcome a larger number of speakers and participants thanks to the topic addressed, sales and cosmetics claims communication, which will touch on a variety of areas that are not just technical.

«The objective of the meeting – says Luca Nava, Technical and Scientific Area Manager for Cosmetica Italia – which for the first year will unfold throughout the first day of the fair with speeches and debates, is that of underlining and spreading the values of responsible advertising and sales communication, in line with the main industry guidelines dictated by European legislation and in compliance with the recent European Regulation that establishes common criteria for justification of the declarations used for cosmetics products.»

As members of institutions and the Italian and European cosmetics industries, together with consumer representatives and people from the world of communication and research companies, sociologists trade-off on the stage to shed light on an important aspect of the Cosmetics Regulation in effect since July of last year. At that time, after 37 years Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC and all national laws that resulted from it were replaced by the new text inspired by regulatory streamlining that, thanks to its direct application, eliminated all inconsistencies in laws brought about by national assimilation of over 60 adaptations of the Cosmetics Directive since 1976 to the present, and facilitated free circulation of goods in a sole market.

«It is the task and responsibility of cosmetics companies to guarantee product safety and consumer health with innovative and effective cosmetics – says the president of Cosmetica Italia, Fabio Rossello – it is therefore essential that consumers receive clear and useful instructions so they can make an informed choice while trusting producers. Ever more responsible communication and advertising is a priority for the cosmetics industry both in Europe and Italy, as well as one that aims to dialogue and collaborate with stakeholders who are engaged in, and keep a keen eye on this issue.»