Unipro is changing to become Cosmetica Italia

The General Assembly of the association’s members, meeting on 19 June in the Milan Triennale, decided in its extraordinary session to change the association’s name from UNIPRO to COSMETICA ITALIA.

Provision for this name change had been made in advance in the current Presidency’s three-year plan to improve the perception of the standing and reputation of the cosmetics industry and its national representative association.

“In the last ten years, Unipro has changed its identity, redefining its strategies and its objectives” explains the President Fabio Rossello: “focused originally on technical and legal issues, it has become the association that represents the Italian industry in every respect. The increase in our share of the European market, the development of internationalisation, the increasing quality of our communications and attractiveness of our events, the authoritativeness of the analyses drawn up by our Economics and Statistics Dept. and the professionalism applied to conducting out Public Affairs activities are the most evident, acknowledged signs of the metamorphosis that has taken place.”

These developments called on the association to consider the need to reflect its new functions with an identity that is easier to understand, because it brings a clear picture of the cosmetics industry to mind.

Extensive consultations with the association’s members confirm the consistency of the proposal of COSMETICA ITALIA, which is considered to be the name most capable of effectively projecting the many positive changes that have taken place since 1967, the year when the association was established as the National Union of Perfumery, Cosmetics, Toiletry Soap and Ancillary Industries.

The coming months will translate this metamorphosis, also graphically, into the cosmetic industry association’s identification as COSMETICA ITALIA – the personal care association.