Cosmetica Italia reassures consumers: talc used in cosmetics is safe

Cosmetica Italia has stepped in to clarify the situation with regard to recent media coverage of a legal case in the United States that raised questions of a possible link between the use of cosmetics containing talc and the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

The national association of cosmetics companies specified that no links have been established between the use of cosmetics containing talc and the risk of cancer.

The evidence of the safety of talc has been highlighted by the world’s leading toxicology organisations, and according to scientific studies and data, talc is not identified as being a substance that causes cancer. This conclusion is widely confirmed, not only by US body the FDA – Food and Drug Administration and the NTP – National Toxicology Program, but also by numerous independent epidemiological studies that have appeared in scientific literature since the early 90s.

In reference to the possibility that using talc may have resulted in a case of ovarian cancer, Leonardo Celleno, director of the Cosmetic Research Centre at the Catholic University of Rome, made the following comment: “I think that it is very unlikely. The risk of contact is not plausible – any potentially hazardous substance would have to enter the bloodstream and go on to accumulate in a specific organ in order to lead to the development of a tumour.”

Furthermore, it has been reiterated that all cosmetic products must comply with European Regulation 1223/2009 which guarantees the product safety, thus safeguarding consumer health. Before being placed on sale, all cosmetic products are extensively tested and assessed for safety by qualified, experienced personnel. This assessment considers the safety of the finished product, as well as that of each ingredient used, and looks at how and where the product is used, by whom and how often.

On the site, set up by the national association of cosmetic companies to establish direct contact with consumers and users, visitors can access further information and advice on cosmetic products and their use.