Beauty Report 2015

The Beauty Report is a publication designed to talk to institutional wealth, the characteristics and complexity of the cosmetics sector in its economic and entrepreneurial.

Over the years, the report prepared by the cosmetic industry Ermeneia (President Nadio Delai) showed the characteristic features of the sector offering the reader the identity of the cosmetic industry and its components business. Using questionnaires created ad-hoc, brought to the attention of the members Unipro, Ermeneia carry out annually a detailed analysis (maintaining comparisons with previous surveys) of the answers, highlighting the peculiarities and needs of the cosmetic industry.

The structure of the report is as follows:
Part One: phenomenology key industry
Part Two: check-up of cosmetic companies
Part Three: study devoted to a phenomenon / channel of particular importance for the current year
Part Four: sector in figures

Per year is proposed the synthesis translated in English.