Cosmetica Italia a Cosmofarma 2019 12/04/2019

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It’s the era of conscious beauty 15/03/2019

Awareness, transparency and respect for the environment. These are the themes that will open the first day of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna where the international convention coordinated by the National Association of Cosmetic Companies will be held as usual (Friday 15th March, 10 am -1 pm | Sala Italia, Palazzo Congressi). The time of an informedRead more >>

Cosmetics: turnover for the secotr exceeds 11.2 billion euros 15/03/2019

The inelastic nature of the cosmetic sector is confirmed, with the industry demonstrating growth even in a time of socio-economic uncertainty; the preliminary results for 2018 record a total turnover of more than 11.2 billion euros (+2.1% compared to 2017). Exports have a major part to play in the production figures, with an increase ofRead more >>

Leonardo Genius and Beauty 14/03/2019

The multifaceted talents of Leonardo da Vinci are widely known, he was skilled in assuming a number of different guises: inventor, sculptor, painter, engineer, architect. Something that he is less famous for, however, is his role as a cosmetologist. But as a matter of fact, the writings of Leonardo himself and the correspondence between theRead more >>